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Two years ago, Summit celebrated 25 years as a reliable and highly-regarded Bay Area company.


In the last 27 years, Summit has developed beneficial partnerships and happy customers.


Summit has also developed a team of skilled employees and those with long service records.


Our newest service is electrostatic spray disinfection. When an employee goes home sick, call us to disinfect your workplace. Protect your remaining staff and keep them healthy.



About Summit Building Services

Matt Colchico founded Summit Building Services in 1996 providing janitorial services for two well-established, local businesses in the East Bay area. After more than 27 years in the business and over 15 years as an owner, he’s still very involved in the day-to day operations. This hands-on approach, along with a genuine desire to exceed customer expectations, has positioned Summit’s service above other companies in the industry.

Why Choose Summit Building Services?

Summit is a local and privately-owned mid-sized company. Our owner, managers and supervisors have always been active in servicing client facilities. Their involvement insures a high level of consistent service and quality through better understanding the ongoing needs of our valued clients. The larger companies in our industry are unable to provide this level of at-facility support and performance assurance for all of their customers. At Summit, we can take the time to focus on clearly understanding your expectations so we can establish the right program for you. We do this so you are not forced to train your janitor yourself.

We have a diverse list of long-term clients including:

Class A buildings
Medical Buildings
Retail Malls
Refineries and more

Whether through face-to-face meetings, telephone, logbooks or email, communication and follow-up has become the backbone of Summit’s operations. There are other key benefits to choosing Summit Building Services. The janitors that we provide to you are trained on rules, regulations, safety, site specifics and will follow our Consistent Facility Cleaning process. They are held to the highest standards, reviewed regularly and held accountable. Ongoing quality improvement is achieved by constant customer feedback through the supervisor whom we assign to your account. Our professional window, floor and carpet services mean that you won’t need to stay late to oversee us. As your janitorial service, we’ll already have the building keys and your trust! We rarely subcontract and clearly understand that we deliver the most value when we place well-trained company employees in your building. All of your people will have a clean environment that allows them to focus on their objectives and not on facility needs.

What You Need To Know.

All Summit Building Services employees are covered by Public Liability Insurance, Property Damage Insurance, Blanket Fidelity Bond and Workers Compensation Insurance. We will present you with a Certificate of Insurance immediately upon contract, prior to beginning your service. You shouldn’t have to ask for something so important, yet many of our competitors make this common practice. We are a member of the Building Contractors Association International and the Internal Executive Housekeepers Association, Inc. These associations provide excellent continued training programs for our team. We consistently update our training with the latest techniques, equipment and supplies. Incorporating this with our ongoing service improvement program results in a level of quality not easily emulated, even by our more expensive competitors.

What We Want You To Know.

Summit Building Services values your business and is committed to our community. Thanks to our clients, we are a familiar face in the bay area. We partner with them and work hard to insure their employees have a professional facility to work in and that their tenants will want to stay with them. We consider it important that we give back to the beautiful community we work and live in. We do that through various means but are always mindful that none of it would be possible without our clients and the trust put in us, when they hand us the keys to their building.